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Children's Traffic Club
Teaching kids about road safety
Game made for Transport for London to teach young children about road safety. Pop as many balloons as you can and reveal the characters road message in popAlot. Pop a screen full of balloons to reveal numerous illustrations about road safty with popApic

Developed with Zinc Media for use in Transport For London.

Pop balloons as fast as possible

Multiple levels
Made for young children to learn about traffic safety

Available on iPhone, iPad,
Andriod phones and tablets

Quick and easy
Easy for really easy to have fun and introduce kids to road safety messages

Visit Transport for London promotional site to get more details www.childrenstrafficclub.com

Children's Traffic Club was created with Zinc Media, Transport For London and Aniode 2015

Two man team creating games

About Aniode Ltd: Founded in 2014, Aniode is a two man indie games team.
With a focus on multiplayer and "Couch based" gaming, Aniode is planning on taking gamers
back to the awesome "scream at the TV moments" we loved when we were young.