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Piggy Pennies
Helping kids learn about money
Piggie Pennies is an AR game made for kids to teach them about money. Fill the piggies belly with goldern coins and answer questions by scanning cards with your camera in augmented reality.

watch the cards come to life through your mobile as characters spin coins and bedrooms clean themselfs. All while teaching kids to answer basic maths questions

Developed with Zinc Media for use in Nation Wide Education.

Meet Piggy Penny
Help collect coins for the piggys belly with lots of questions

40 levels
Made for young children to learn about finance and coins

Available on iPhone, iPad,
Andriod phones and tablets

4 different challenges
Teaches mathes and slowly increases difficulty to teach different calculations

Teach kids maths and chores
Answer questions by using fantasticly animated chore cards to answer questions

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Piggy Pennies was created with Zinc Media, Nation Wide Education and Aniode

Two man team creating games

About Aniode Ltd: Founded in 2014, Aniode is a two man indie games team.
With a focus on multiplayer and "Couch based" gaming, Aniode is planning on taking gamers
back to the awesome "scream at the TV moments" we loved when we were young.