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online video console with mobile phone controllers

16 snakes walk into a bar...
Based on the old classic 'Snake', Battle Snakes allows you to take to the screen with up to 16 people. As snakes get longer space on the screen gets smaller, last man standing wins.

The game is available on, an online party games console where people can use their phones as controllers, this allows Battle Snakes to support upto 16 players!

Battle against your friends on a quest to become the longest snake.

Every level is different, there are different borders and obstacles generated at the start of each game.

As well as classic snake mode there is also a TRON style gamemode.
Battle Snakes was soley created by Rob Saxton to test out the Airconsole platform.

Two man team creating games

About Aniode Ltd: Founded in 2014, Aniode is a two man indie games team.
With a focus on multiplayer and "Couch based" gaming, Aniode is planning on taking gamers
back to the awesome "scream at the TV moments" we loved when we were young.