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Interactive articles - The Sunday Times
Digital interactive graphics for the iPad an web edtion of the Sunday Times newspaper. Feature articles were enhanced by using 3D/2D graphic visuals, HTML and Javascript. Storys around the queens Diamond Jubilee, Olympics, Paralymics and Formula One are some highlights. Awarded over 5 Society of News and Design Awards (SND) for the highly interactive and visual story telling.

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Award winning graphics
Digital interactive graphics for the ipad won many awards winning over 5 Society of news and design awards.
Feature articles
3D interactive graphics were used to enhance web and iPad story telling. As well as visualy enhance the printed paper graphics articles.
Special edition features
With special occations the iPad edition got extra fun features. Popular digital interactive games were made for the christmas edition with over 30,000 plays over 2 day period
Enhanced articles
3D visuals were created to enhance articles when images couldnt be sourced or didnt show enough information for a story

Created for the Sunday Times between 2010 - 2013 by
Richard Hawkins
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