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Roll to victory in
Tiles of Doom!
Challenge your friends in this multiplayer game, where you race to find the symbols on the floor before your opponents. Lighting all the flames will please your god head, it will reward you with a victory dance!

Tiles of Doom is available on www.Airconsole.com an online party games console where people can use their phones as controllers joining upto four players.

Global Games Jam
Created at the Global Games Jam 2016. The game is a full multiplayer game that runs in WebGL using Unity games engine.

Winning peoples choice award at Southampton Univeristy

Built by 3 man team
in under 48 hours

Richard Hawkins

Rob Saxton

Hannes Delbeke
Technical Artist/Shaders
Photos from events

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We are working on a versions for other platforms
including mobile and Android tv

Two man team creating games

About Aniode Ltd: Founded in 2014, Aniode is a two man indie games team.
With a focus on multiplayer and "Couch based" gaming, Aniode is planning on taking gamers
back to the awesome "scream at the TV moments" we loved when we were young.