Animals fight to save the world against the zombie apocalypse
Zombie plague has taken over the Human race. Desperate to prevent their extinction, animals have been forced to take what weapons remain and fight the undead. Great bears and enraged elephants wield everything from swords to freeze-rays in a chaotic crusade to ensure their survival. Play as an animal as you battle with friends against the apocalypse, whilst taking the time to protect penguins and rescue cute kitties.

Available on Early Access

Coming in 2019
1 - 8 Player multiplayer
Team up with freinds and become an animal like a sloth with a flame thrower, elephant with a mini gun and wild creatures. ALL on one screen!
Iconic London levels
Fight in locations around London. Destroying zombies in trafalgur square, picaddilly circus or even tower bridge.
Missions and game modes
Escort penguins to safety, guard eagles newly hatched eggs, rescue Kittens or prepare for the intense Rush mayhem.
Chaotic Bosses
Craziest bosses you've every shot. Hungry dinner lady, insane clown even the zombie queen and more chase you to screaming point.

Twitch chaos
Special mode for streamers where your audience can interact with the game creating mayhem, sending in supply drops or giving interesting challenges.

Created by small independent team

Richard Hawkins
Artist and Creative Director

Rob Saxton
Developer and Techincal Director

Damion Sheppard
Sound Designer

Roly Witherow
Music Designer

Images from events
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