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Save Jane! WILSON!!!
Join Wilson on his adventure to find his co-pilot Jane. After crashing the plane onto a mysterious island he wakes up to find Jane has been kidnapped by the tribal leader. Dodge obstacles, jump on enemies heads and defeat bosses on your quest to save Jane from the thunder and lighting of the tribal shaman.

Released 2013 - unavailable

Released 2013 - unavailable

Released 2013

Released 2013
20 levels
Great challenging levels in four differently themed areas the beach, waterfalls, caves and jungle
5 bosses
Fight against many bosses. Including the charging mega pig, fiery Lava monster, Sneeky crocodile, rampage gorilla and the magical tribal leader
Tricky obsticales
Dodge enermies as well as traps, lava, big drops and more
Over 1 million downloads
The game was popular and recieved downloaded accross multiple platforms in 2013

Created independently
Richard Hawkins
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