Insomnia55 and EGX

We’ve been showing the game off at various events the last two months including Insomnia55 and EGX. Refining the game, adding new stuff and really love seeing people play.

At insomnia we tried out our new game mode Rush an intense game mode where we chuck the chaos at you. Plenty of zombies, fast action, then we chuck more bosses in keeping  you on your toes.


It was a game mode that we planned to have for a while but works really well at exhibitions with quick play sessions and more people can play. We added in features like drop in and out, revive friends and gave you plenty of ammo.

A small family who came to play at insomnia made me laugh the small boy kept shouting at the screen enjoying the game then the whole family grabbed controllers and joined him. High fiving his mum when he revived her from the chaos

We had it set up on our 46″ screen with 4 controllers set up hooked upto the razor PCs insomnia provided. The game ran really smooth and was great fun but we had more space so ended up setting up another machine with so more people to play.



Here comes more chaos! EGX was amazing we decided to add as much as we could to the game before this event adding in our new level Trafalgar Square and the brutal Queen with her lazer beam sceptre. We had a banner printed specifically printed for this stand, had a good, newly setup PC to run the game and my 46″ tv. The stand looked good in the indie section.

First day we had 4 controllers set up. We had tried 8 players only once at anime gaming con on my iMac and thought it worked on PC too. There was a limit on windows inputX (the mode we were using to connect the controllers) which meant that we were limited. We couldn’t have that we wanted eight players. So Rob decided that night he would reprogram the way the controllers worked and enable 8 players on windows.

Amazingly on day 2 everything worked WE HAD 8 PLAYER games going all over the place. Even added in new features like pressing down on the D-pad shows a beacon where you are and some other small tweaks to get it playing well.


Everyone seemed to really enjoy the game. Getting interviewed by various people and even some small kids came up to me with a mic for there youtube channel. Loved that!

The brutal queen turned up in quite a few games, everyone shouting ahhh here comes queen. Rob went on the Razor bus and did a live stream with Phase and Terroriser. Hilarious when Terroriser shouts out “Ahh I’ve got crabs… wait wait!! yeah whatever… IVE GOT CRABS” then when the queen comes on “AHHH ITS THE QUEEN GET HER!!”

It was epic seeing everyone enjoy the game and having a laugh with friends. Loads of people came back to play bringing more friends to join them. Even had one team get over 1500 zombies (can’t remember which level that was). We can’t wait to finish the game, get it onto more platforms and more people playing it. Want to add more funky stuff before tho…

Check out the game on Steam and get it now at the cheap early access price of £6.99


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