London Anime and gaming con

We recently showed our game at London anime and gaming con. A small event for us where a whole load of developers were showing there games. Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse has come along way since EGX and we are preparing to put the game up on early access pretty soon.

Rich Phone_20150705_13_08_06_ProRich Phone_20150704_11_38_02_ProRich Phone_20150705_13_38_24_Pro

All the changes we made effected the balancing of the game so before the event we spent a very productive week working on making all the zombies, game modes and guns balanced for players.

When we showed the game we were very happy how the game played it was chaotic enough to make it really fun to play. Sometimes finding ourselves ourselves grabbing the control and just playing it. We set challenge to see how far people could get and wave 8 was the highest and had only two groups make it that far. Maybe we made it too hard? NAHHH!

Rich Phone_20150704_18_02_02_ProRich Phone_20150704_13_38_58_Pro

New game modes have been implement and the week before we put in systems so players could understand how to play those game modes with very little instruction from us. All the little things that made the game feel awesome like collecting something and it does a fancy particle effect and feels really enjoyable, added in a notification system that tells players what they need to do or what they picked up.

Kitten mode is so fun with little kittens running around and when you save a kitten by placing it into the box theres a small little celebration animation. Stork flies down and picks up the box and health comes our preparing you for the next box to save and the amount of zombies that want to eat your flesh. Getting the health becomes an urgent thing later in the rounds where the countdown for a boss coming in an the players needing health becomes urgent.

Video of a father and son playing it at the event.

Penguin mode the where you have to escort penguins across the level. We tweak so much to this game mode. Making the penguins follow players better and have a fast exciting waddle to them. The ice-cream truck where you save the penguins from now gets the zombies hitting at the side to scare them out. Still some small tweaks to do but testing went well.

Overall the event was great we got a lot of play testing and even got to test out playing an 8 player game. Felt like an army of animals fighting against zombies! Great fun.

Rich Phone_20150705_17_51_52_Pro

8 player game with some of the other game devs at the end of the day

Small clip of the 8 player game. Not enough zombies for 8 players (we’ve fixed that now) :P

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