EGX Rezzed

We recently took our game to EGX rezzed and showed it off to the many gamers there. Four player games constantly for 3 days was awesome! At one point we hooked up 6 controllers, which was manic. The game is designed to run with up to 8 players, but the small space we had made it a bit cramped with 6, so we quickly reverted to 4.

A few days before the event we added in our first boss, the Zombie Dinner Lady. I made her way back in January but we only just got round to putting her in. She is crazy runs after you with her pan and pummels you to the floor or whacks you with her rolling pin and you go flying. Everybody loved/hated her and she was great for breaking up gameplay.  We are definitely going to add in a whole load more big brutes soon!zombieDinnerlady

During the event we found that there were little things that we needed to change, small bugs that we noted down and corrected on the first night for the next day. Like the turtles spinning rage move hit players over. Something we never noticed before.

At one point we had a group of 4 players that started shouting at the screen as they struggled to stay alive, they had just one player left as the dinner lady charged after him “Ahhh the dinner ladies after me”. They set the current record of the day reaching round 16 which they later realised made them the current world champions.

Rich Phone_20150312_11_03_20_ProOur small stand, between to two other awesome games, @BeyondFBgame and @GamesOfGlory

On the second day we had loads of people come over to play. We challenged groups to beat the EGX record of wave 16 and most groups just couldn’t do it but one group managed to work like a small tight nit commando team of a bear, duck and turtle. They covered each others backs and found random tactics like freezing the dinner lady as other team mates shoot her. We were watching closely as they reached over wave 18. Then when they reached wave 20 things started to go wrong. They actually passed the point that we programmed too. It was meant to be infinate but there was small little bug that meant no more zombies would spawn. They beat the demo and claimed victory for the highest level of EGX.

Footage from people playing at EGX rezzed

Third day we fixed that bug but also made things a bit more difficult. The zombie dinner lady got little faster. The zombies got stronger each round and the game was infinite. It was the busiest day of EGX and people ended up dyeing a lot on wave 4. Highest reached that day was 14.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the game and we came away with loads of ideas on how we are going to tweak the gameplay. We can’t wait to show people again!

Rich Phone_20150312_12_37_24_ProPhoto of Rob demoing the game with three people

Rich Phone_20150312_17_09_40_ProQuite time where only one player was playing. Probably the only time when I could get my camera out.

2 thoughts on “EGX Rezzed

  1. Hi Guys,

    can’t wait for your game to come out on the Xbox One! Me and my friends love those kind of Zombie games. But, will there be a Split-Screen Mode? For at least 2 players?


    1. Forget it, I just saw that there will be lokal Multiplayer! Yeah! So that game will be a must buy on the Xbox! Thanks and keep on developing. Any chance to get into a Beta Programm to help testing?

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