Making the kitten

We are making a game mode which involves a bunch of kittens. Had to make it cute so went on the web to find lots of cute little kitten pictures. Of course there is no shortage of kitten pictures on the web, this didn’t take long.

I decided to make some screen capture videos of me modelling the kitten, UV mapping, texturing,  simple rigging and posing. I use Modo for creating models and animations for the game. Its not a wildly recognised program but a very well established one within the games industry. Its sometimes used with other tools like Maya or 3D max and everyone just hears about them instead. I personally like using Modo, for me its a tool made for artists and it feels very intuitive.

In this video I create the model for the kitten

UV mapping the kitten

Texturing and T-pose render

Rigging and Posing

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