When looking into adding more unique characteristics to each character. We decided the best way to do this was to add special rage moves based on each animal. Each move uses the animal’s natural attack instincts, a bear for example rears up and will swipe at its prey.


We started by creating some test animations for the elephant. The elephant needs to have an epic strong move and as most danger of elephants comes from when they stampede and charge, it made sense to use this as it’s rage move.

This seemed strong, but was weak visually, it needed a bit more impact at the start. So we decided to make it get angry and burst into a speeding charge. To do this we added an animation where the elephant jumped up and stomped the ground with a big blast impacting all the zombies around him. This works great as the elephant is a slow player, making it hard to run. More and more zombies surround the elephant making the player  start getting desperate, then they hit the rage button and the elephant rampages across the map!


Next we started working on the duck. The duck has a unique ability, as it is the only flying animal we currently have, so we wanted to make sure we included that in it’s rage move.

After much discussion we decided that the duck would have the ability to manipulate the air around it causing a tornado. The tornado will suck up the zombies spinning them round in the air, then dropping their bodies to the ground to cause damage.


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