Friendly Flamingo Turret

Created a flamingo turret this week. The aim was to create a turret that can stand in one place and scanĀ around and shoot zombies it sees. We were thinking of a few animals but both thought a pink flamingo has a funny kind of comical element to it. Looked at a few pictures and did a few tests to see if the size would work and how it would look. A couple of hours later flamingo was born.


The flamingo needed some characteristic animations. The classic flamingo we think of standing on the one leg and with an awesome beak and backwards knees. Created some animations of it shooting. We also needed some characteristic animations of a turret so created a small animation of it unfolding up when you put it down. The mixture of both a mechanical look and an organic look worked well. I added abit of personality to the shooting animation with the head swaying backwards and forward and it almost looks like its laughing really enjoying shooting those zombies.

Programming up the turret Rob looked at it rotating from the feet and scanning round. This looked very mechanical too much so that it just didn’t look realistic. Flamingos are elegant creatures that move there bodies slow. So we needed to change the way it scanned around, creating the rotation on the neck so it looked around then turned its whole body round and started firing at the zombies. Looked much more natural.

The Friendly Flamingo Turret is a great small companion to give you backup.



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