Suicidal Snail


Modelling the snail making it look realistic but with a comical, kind of threatening look. Snail with TNT suicide belt sounded like fun. Created a snail and strapped a small three stick TNT to the snail. It looked a bit pathetic and very unbalanced. Went to work on changing it. Made the snail a bit bigger and strapped the TNT all the way around the shell. It looked like a snail with a warning. Big red beacons on the side showing that the snail is more then just a slow moving creature.


Graphically what else can I add to this creature. A snail trail, lets just use the standard trail renderer and created a funky looking texture. A shiny texture with a sticky kind of web like look too it. Tried it out added a slight yellowish tint and it looked to be working. One problem hit the snail with a grenade it goes flying up into the air with a trail behind him.  To me this didn’t look right to me. It should just fly up into the air or even just explode. I think the trail should disappear. Kind of looked like a slimy trail stretching from the floor. Is this a good thing. Lets try both and see what looks better.

When does the suicidal snail have enough and just want to give up and blow. Well we added some Logic to the way it thinks. So if only one zombie comes in range it doesn’t explode unless its really close to it. But when theres a few zombies in range its like great I’m in a group GOODBYE ZOMBIES!!.

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