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King of the JUNGLE! Lion

So I wanted to make this character for a long time and while I had some spare time I thought why not lets create a lion for the game. He’s going to be one of the playable characters and have epic rage move Roar!!.

Designing the lion was strait forward I had the design in my head for a while and have seen plenty of lions before while I lived in Africa for few years. I wanted him to have a nice looking fury mane. Now our game is quite performance heavy so can’t really use realtime fur. So I created a poly fur mane for the lion. Heres what he looks like


After posting this on Twitter (@richgizmo) i kept getting asked by few friends was it inspired by Cecil the lion story recently in the news. Well no it wasn’t but I had a spare hour and after rigging I like to pose a character so made Cecil Trophy pic



So how does his fur look in unity. I did some tests and the poly fur looked great. If anything the slight fuzziness that unity shaders create makes it blend nicely. Heres some pics of the resultlionlionZom

Hes not yet got custom animations using the slothes animations actually works very well tho.

While modelling the character I did a video capture so I could post a making of. Because I was building the character so casually I wouldn’t say it was my most efficient modelling ever. But hey posted it anyway. Here it is


Creating new characters

While we’ve been on early access for a few weeks I’ve been noticing how people play through youtube videos of the game. The game feels like it needs some tweaks to get the gameplay right but also it seemed a bit easy for some.

We’ve done testing at events and getting lots of people to play and it always seemed about right with the difficulty. But I think the steam audience want more challenges in the gameplay.

So while Rob (programmer) was away I’ve decided to add some content and create a new boss the epic zombie Queeny. queen

She is going to be one powerful boss with more special moves. We want people to go ahhhhh here comes the queen!

I was thinking what moves would she actually have that were running after someone and whacking them with a weapon. So after a small time of thought I came up what the queen would do… summon her royal guards. We want special harder zombie that she generates while she’s alive to protect her. I then started modelling the zombie royal guards


These guys are one of the first zombies I’ve made with a weapon. An riffle to. Think we are going to make them come out f the ground and start shooting. If they get shot to rag doll then they drop there gun and run after you like a mad manic crazy dude on crack.

Back to queen what else shall we make here do. Well she can’t just walk around. So i think lets give her a Spetre that shoots a massive Lazer beam ….. WHY not? So I created an animation for it.



Think this boss will be awesome when we program it into the game. And will do an update on the progress of it soon.